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Every Fire Pokemon Here!!
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Complex works
Commish: Serperior VS Scolipede by lagendarylugia
Commish: In the Dark by lagendarylugia
Dungeon Researchers by lagendarylugia
Unfortunately, I'm quite the lazy bum so if your character requires a lot of details or if you're asking for specific backgrounds that might require a bit more effort, i'll be charging slightly more. If you're unsure what classifies as "complex", feel free to send a note detailing what you want and i'll give you the price before i take up the commission, so that you can choose to drop it if you want :)

Max 2 characters

Each additional chara is 40:points:
Full Colour, Simple background
Underwater by lagendarylugia
Anniversary Comm by lagendarylugia
Comm: Zolistlugia by lagendarylugia
Soft shading, backgrounds would be simple

Max 2 charas

Each additional chara is 30:points:
Full colour, no background
Traps by lagendarylugia
Commish: Prince Toku by lagendarylugia
The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway by lagendarylugia
Soft-shading with no background

Max 2 characters 

Each additional chara is 20:points:
Full Colour, no background
Art Trade: Feyliene by lagendarylugia
Birthday Party by lagendarylugia
Magic by lagendarylugia
Cell-shaded, Max 2 characters

Each additional chara is 15:points:
Giveaway 2 by lagendarylugia
Giveaway 7 by lagendarylugia
Commish: Natasha and Lucian by lagendarylugia
Clean Simple sketch, no background. Max 2 characters

Each additional chara is 15:points:


Commission Pointers

1. I can only do pokemon/animal commissions. IF you insist on human commissions, i'll charge an extra 90:points: and they'll be chibi.

2. I cannot do pony (MLP) commissions. (trust me, i tried once before to draw a pony and wowww it was not commission worthy)

3. I won't do very explicit scenes (either very violent or very sexual). This includes kissy scenes, unfortunately :(

4. If you have very specific scenes or poses in mind, feel free to note me as detailed as you want with any reference pictures for things like their clothes etc
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Ms XXXXXX, find 'X'
Heyyy~ Welcome to my profile and thanks for coming ^^ I live in Singapore which is technically half the world away from many of you so while you read this, i'll probably be sleeping~

Well, i don't really have many things to say here so i hope you enjoy my gallery :heart:

Pls follow me on tumblr if you have one! i can't say that i'll post a lot of art but my ASK is always open and i'm always active on tumblr so feel free to ask me anything ^^
I've been tagged by :iconkisareshiram:! i would usually put it off till i get bored to do this but right now my phone is pretty much dead so i'm doing this to distract myself from the sadness of losing my phone :(

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people, and put their icons on your journal.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".
7. You have to tag 10 people. 
8. You have to eat cake afterwards

1) Who is/are your favourite person/people on deviantART?

My all time favourite ppl on dA are all my watchers of course! You ppl are all so sweet and awesome <3 But of course there's special mentions and :iconzolistlugia: and :iconsombrasaurus: are especially nice, friendly ppl who i'm really happy to have met on here! (Go watch them and show them some love <3) and of course there's :icondemireneko: who's my friend irl ^^ (go follow her too, she's really awesome at art!!!!!)

2) Saddest death in a book?

Ehhhh Marley and Me. Marley's death was the first time i've cried when i read the book.
For extra info, the saddest anime death is Hoenheim from FMA:brotherhood. OMG i cried so hard v_v even though it was pretty much inevitable (sorry if i released a spoiler!)

3) Least favourite character ever? (Rant is optional)

I don't really have a character i really really hate but i do tend to hate the super annoying characters.. the type that likes to poke their noses into things when they shouldn't and ruin everything (like Winry in FMA again. I hate Winry ^^;)

4) Favourite social media?

Tumblr! :D I love tumblr because there are so many artists on tumblr and funny gifs, videos etc. I like twitter too tho, for personal use.

5) Opinion on Disney's Frozen?

I LOVE FROZEN HAHAHAHA I think it's really pretty, the special effects were soo nice too! As someone who loovvves winter but never really got to experience it, Frozen is such a perfect movie. The story and ficus were also very interesting! as are the songs.

6) What is the most dangerous object in your house?

Dangerous? I have a meat cleaver in my kitchen drawer.

7) Favourite Pokémon generation?

Hoenn, i think? My favourite pokemon are largely from the Hoenn generation! My least favourite is actually johto :s

8) Favourite gaming console?

I've actually only owned the Gameboy/ds stuff so i've never played on xbox or playstation in my whole life. So i guess it's the 3DS (i own the XL ^^)

9) Someone you admire who isn't on dA?

Art-wise, i do really love nightingales and buttbear on Tumblr. These 2 used to be on dA but i think they've moved permanently to Tumblr? Don't quote me on that though, i can't be too sure >< but their art is just soooo cute and adorable :DD

Oh and i love Etall's work on tumblr too

10) Hardest thing you've tried to draw/write/whatever else you do on dA?

I CAN'T DRAW PPL SO WHATEVER PPL THING I EVER DID WAS THE HARDEST THING EVER. I also can't seem to draw krookodile and feraligatr. The jaws get in the way and i can't ever get them right. Also MLP. I cannot draw MLP >.>

Umm, so tagging... hahaha i really don't want to tag >< Why not.. whoever reads this and want to do it, just do it! and if you have additional questions for me, just tag me back and i'll try to answer them as a comment on your journal ^^ (I'm taggin back :kisareshiram though just cuz i wanna see their answer to my questions >:D you can just answer via commenting on this journal :P)

Here's my 10 questions for you guys:

1) What's your favourite thing to draw/sculpt/write about?
2) (this is a super nerdy qn but...) What's your favourite subject in school? Why?
3) Who's your 5 favourite artist on dA? 
4) What's your top 5 favourite pokemon? (if you're not into pokemon, then top 5 favourite animals?)
5) Which country would you want to visit the most? Which place?
6) If you could set up your own cafe, what would you sell? Will there be a theme?
7) What do you wish you could do better at (like math or drawing ppl etc)
8) (not a qn but...) Tell me a story about smthn that happened to you that you found funny!
9) Why did you join dA?
10) What do you like most about my art :3

  • Mood: Remorse
  • Listening to: Frozen- Let it Go
  • Reading: Animal Crossing Wiki
  • Watching: Lets Plays on Youtube
  • Eating: Donut
  • Drinking: Guava juice with Pear bits

GUYS.... how many of my watchers actually remember what Team Elite is.... (you could go look in my gallery for hints on what it is but i'm so ashamed of my old art now i'd rather not link here hahaha... ><) 

5 deviants said I'm a newer watcher, i don't know!
2 deviants said I'm an old watcher... and i remember it! :D
1 deviant said I'm a newer watcher and I know! I saw it recently in your gallery!
1 deviant said I'm an old watcher...but i don't remember it! D:


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